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NARAYANA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS are one of the best education providers in India from the pre-primary to professional post graduation, have been successful in an uninterrupted and dedicated task. We proudly accept that ocean of parents dreams came into reality by our uncompromising education system, which is taken up for the cause of educating young minds. PADDY TOWN – NELLORE The historic town of Nellore in India's southernmost state, Andhra Pradesh, has long been known for its magnificent Paddy fields and ancient temple. This town is now also known as the city of Education, where there are no of educational institutions, renowned hospital and medical college. This town has produced many scholars, doctors, leaders and etc. Most of the students in Andhra Pradesh prefer to study in Nellore, because it now became a place to studies.

Latest News

  • Arohan 2020 CSE Dept.
  • "AICTE Sponsored Online STTP on Applications of Signal, Image and Video Processing in VLSI using Xilinx System Generator from 14-09-2020 to 19-09-2020 organized by Department of ECE"
  • Live Webinar on SPR Biosensors on 10-06-2020 from 08:00 A.M to 09:00 A.M organized by Department of ECE
  • Remote Learning-IIT Bombay
  • EIT RONS-2020 4th April 2020
  • Fem-Spalsh-2020
  • AROHAN-2020 21-march-2020